‘Surely, I’m not the only one’

This collective started out of a desire for myself to be better. One day I wished I had a mantra to help me with patience, one that I could use that day without having to seek out a yoga class or group meditation.

I thought, with a newborn at home and no childcare for my older son, wouldn’t it be nice for there to be a little way for me to be mindful, continue to grow each day and week, to continue to improve myself, without actually leaving the house or needing a babysitter (and in that particular moment, something I could recite to myself to re-centre me and stop me screaming at my kids). Something I could do in my (rare) quiet moments. It’s so easy to get off track as a Mom, especially in the early days, so easy to get lost in ‘Mom’ and forget about who we are as a person. Then I thought, ‘Surely, I’m not the only one’.

I reached out to some of my favourite people, people who had already impacted my mind, spirit, and body, in some way, for the better. Together they make up The Mindful Collective. The goal is to be a collective of health, help and positive energy when you need it.

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