My Body Couture by Janis Isaman

Have you ever had a private workout? Not a 1 on 1 at a gym. A completely private workout in a private movement studio?
Neither had I. Everyone should do it.
I had the pleasure of working out with Janis Isaman from My Body Couture at her BEAUTIFUL movement studio in the historic Devenish Building. It’s called a movement studio, not a workout studio. I think the distinction is important, at Janis’ studio you move your body to better it. It may be yoga, it may be exercise or pilates or it could be something completely different.
If you’ve met Janis you know she’s got style, it’s probably got a little something to do with her time spent working in NYC for NYFW and Harper’s BAZAAR, but you can tell that she has just always had it. She has taken the New York feel and brought it into her little studio. Character, exposed brick, mirrors, books, impeccable lighting and accents like boxes made from her Great Great Great Grandmother’s farm house kitchen cabinets, give you a feast for the eyes, not something you’re used to in a workout.
Can this really be the reception area of a workout studio?
Since you’re 1 on 1, every session is tailored to you. You start with some Yin Yoga, which seems to be just as much for you as it is for Janis to read your body. I felt so very taken care of, seen and attended to. In Yin Yoga, you hold poses for 2-3 minutes, allowing your bodies fascial tissues to really stretch. But it also gives Janis a chance to see where tightness lives. While you rest between poses, she expertly assess (without even touching you) whether things are leveling out or staying tight.
If you’re going to be holding a pose for a long time, it’s nice to have beautiful lighting to look at.
While you’re holding poses for so long, there’s lot of time to chat. Janis is incredibly educated and knowledgeable about her craft. She is one of only a few people in Calgary to train with Yin Yoga founder Paul Grilley. And the story of where it started is really interesting {I’m withholding it so there’s something for you to ask about when you visit her}.
One or two sessions with some yoga to get your body where it needs to be and you’re ready to move on to the Pilates machine {which by the way Janis has been practicing since 1995, before it was allowed to be taught in gyms and group classes – you should ask her about that too}.
These boxes were made out of old farmhouse cabinets from her Great Great Great Grandmother’s house, how cool is that?
If you’re lucky you’ll have some ball work included in your session. Just to add a little of the best kind of torture.
This is an experience that everyone should do (did I say that already?) but ESPECIALLY new Moms.
At a time when bodies are trying to piece themselves back together, and our sanity is only so-so, new Moms could hugely benefit from having that little extra care, attention to form and what our bodies are saying, a listening ear from someone who is a Mom herself, and some self care time in a beautiful space.
I can’t say enough about Janis and her My Body Couture movement studio and will definitely be back for more. I still need to try Pilates {even if that German made precision machine does look slightly terrifying}.
Have you met Janis or worked out with her?

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