Yoga for Courage

Be boldly and completely you. Step into your life and express yourself with your most lion-hearted roar. Share your creative, your quirky, your wild and wonderful self with the world around you. We need you, fully present and on fire. We need you, on purpose, honouring the brilliant heart that guides you. We need you, exactly as you are. You, in your precise ways of being. Hold steady to the expression of your own totality, allowing for every aspect of you to be held in love, to be deeply respected. You are here to bring your unique and precious light into the world. Play it out, dance with the demons that ask you to back down and release them from your dialogue. Choose the embracing and loving support to bolster yourself with and step forward, one foot after another as you bring it all to life.


From Navasana take a bend in the knees and hook the right ankle over top of the left, pressing the pinkie toe edges of the feet back towards each other. Thread the left arm through the keyhole of the legs, bringing the upper left arm through to connect to the inner thigh of your left leg. Twist to your right. Keep a 90 degree bend in the elbows as you lean the upper body down and place the palms to the floor. Using the momentum of that movement keep the inner left thigh and upper left arm connected as you squeeze the ankles into one another and lengthen the feet away from you. Always keep the shoulders at the same height as the elbows to protect the rotator cuff. Allow this to be an opportunity for play, for exploration and your creative expression.


Clothing by Nike via Sport Chek Women

Photography by Hello There Darling

Venue provided by My Body Couture

Styling by Noelle Cameron

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